Events for the 2022-23 Academic Year

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Winter 2023: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Let's parse out what DEI really means. Join us for this series that explores topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion from various points of view.
Event 1: Preparing Students to Thrive in a Diverse World
Wednesday, February 25th | noon - 1pm
How do you prepare students to thrive in a diverse working environment? What skills will position students to succeed in their transition from college to the workplace? How can you help students develop these skills on a daily basis? Join us at the panel discussion to learn more!
  • Shawn Pewitt, Director of Career Services
  • Dr. Lauren Scott, Mike Ilitch School of Business Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager
  • Naabia Roman, WSU Alumna; Operations Association at Stix
  • Jonathan Norris, WSU Alumus; Child Welfare Specialist at Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Wednesday, March 22nd | Noon - 01:00pm    
How do you foster an environment that centers cultural awareness and belonging? Develop an understanding microaggressions, recognizing and addressing passive aggressive behaviors and how to interrupt them in the workplace. Nuances related to power dynamics and department norms will be addressed.
Facilitated by: Alex Boesch (he/him) | Intercultural Training Director
Please contact Stephanie Hawkes for the recording. This recording is only accessible to registratnts for privacy reasons. 

Wednesday, April 12th  | Noon - 01:00pm
The purpose of this event is to explore Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion experiences in the workplace to determine best practices for employee and organizational success.
  • Participants will explore how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) influence policies, practices, and relationships in the workplace.
  • Participants will engage in a reflective dialogue to share DEI experiences as well as best practices for creating a positive, inclusive work environment.
  • Participants will learn how to acquire resources that support DEI initiatives in the workplace.
Facilitated by: Shawntae Harris Mintline | Academic Advisor III, College of Education
  • You can access a recording of the event here
  • Download the presentation slides

Fall 2022: Change and Transition Management 

Event 1: Managing Up: How to Navigate New and Existing Leadership
Wednesday, September 28th | noon - 1pm
Session Presenter: Dr. Ebony Green | Assistant Dean for University Advising, Michigan State University 
Staff play a significant role in supporting managers through transitions. Teams are made up of a variety of leaders, not just the people with specific titles. By learning the elements to Managing Up, staff will gain insight on navigating the expectations of new or existing managers through self-reflection and grace. Participants will explore personal leadership styles and self-reflective skills that will allow them to navigate changes in leadership and increase the cooperation and collaboration of team members at all levels. 
Event Goals/Learning Objectives:
  • To develop skills and techniques to navigate challenging or difficult relationships with new or existing managers.
  • To increase cooperation and collaboration between those who have different power levels and perspectives within your organization.
  • Understand the self-reflection required to engage with new and existing managers
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Unfortunately, we were unable to record this event

Event 2: Panel Discussion: The Future of Higher Education
Thursday, November 17th | noon - 1pm 
  • Beverly Schneider, Academic Advisor/Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education Division 
  • Sabrina Brown, Associate Director of Graduate Programs Enrollment, Belk College of Business 
  • Haley Mulka, Admissions, Schoolcraft College 
The panel discussion will focus on The Future of Higher Education--with a particular focus on issues of especial relevance to academic staff. WSU academic staff as well as higher education professionals from around the country will share their perspective and insights about the direction of higher ed. While this topic is quite broad, we hope this panel discussion may offer thoughtful and actionable takeaways for participants seeking to navigate the changing landscape of higher education.  
The landscape of higher education continues to change. Enrollment, technology, online learning, diminished state funding--what can academic staff expect in the future, and how might they best prepare, participate and lead? In this new emerging landscape of higher education, we hope to initiate a worthwhile discussion by getting the perspective of WSU staff and higher ed professionals from around the country on future issues in higher education. We hope this candid sharing of insights, experiences and perspectives will be beneficial for all attendees.    
Beverly Schneider, Academic Advisor/Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education Division. She served as a Central Office Administrator for Detroit Public Schools until 2002.  Since that time, she has served as an Academic Advisor and Adjunct Faculty member in the College of Education's Teacher Education Division.  Ms. Schneider is also the program coordinator for our Teacher Certification programs that prepare students to become teachers.  She is very passionate about the past, current, and future state of Education. 
Sabrina Brown, Associate Director of Graduate Programs Enrollment, Belk College of Business, University of North Caroline Charlotte. Sabrina has over ten years of experience in higher education, having worked with both undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of student affairs positions. She currently serves as the Associate Director of Graduate Programs Enrollment for the Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. 
Haley Mulka, Admissions, Schoolcraft College. Haley has over ten years of experience in higher education, having worked in admissions, pre-college programming, public and private institutions, and 4-year and community colleges. She currently works in Admissions at Schoolcraft College. 

Event 3: Polarity Management: Leveraging the power of "AND" to promote transformation in times of crisis
Friday, December 9th | 11am noon
Session Presenter: Dr. Monica Brockmeyer | Senior Associate Provost for Student Success
All of us experience conflict at work occasionally, whether internally or with another person. We may experience challenges resulting from job transitions, departmental reorganizations, or ongoing workplace changes. Polarity Management helps us to navigate through times of change and crisis by managing conflict and opposing ideas constructively. Polarity management is a practical skill for dealing with opposing forces by recognizing that those forces are not a problem that can be solved but a tension that must be managed. Often, we can achieve a "best of both worlds" understanding of the situation. In this workshop, we will explore the concept of polarity management and how it can be used to deal with conflict at work. We will also use a framework to practice polarity management skills and to leverage the benefit of both/and thinking to promote personal and institutional growth and transformation. 
Event Goals/Learning Objectives:
  • To develop learn about the elements of polarity management 
  • To learn and apply a five-step process for dealing with polarities through action steps and early warnings 
  • To apply the concept of polarity management to personal or work conflict through polarity mapping
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